Over Load Relay
Over Load Relay

3RB22/3RB23 evaluation module
1. Green “READY” LED:
A continuous green light signals that the device is working correctly.
A continuous red light signals a ground-fault tripping.
A continuous red light signals an active thermistor trip.
A continuous red light signals an active overload trip; a flickering red light signals an imminent trip (overload warning).
5. Motor current and trip class setting:
Setting the device to the motor current and to the required trip class dependent on the start-up conditions is easy with the two rotary switches.
6. Selector switch for manual/automatic RESET:
With this switch you can choose between manual and automatic RESET.
7. TEST/RESET button:
Enables testing of all important device components and functions, plus resetting of the device after a trip when manual RESET is selected.
8. Connecting terminals (removable joint block):
The generously sized terminals permit connection of two conductors with different cross-sections for the auxiliary, control and sensor circuits. Connection is possible with screw connection and alternatively with spring-type connection.
9. 3RB29 85 function expansion module:
Enables more functions to be added, e. g. internal ground-fault detection and/or an analog output with corresponding signals.

Over Load Relay


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