Switch Disconnector Fuse

Switch Disconnector Fuse


  • Switch Disconnector fuse from 20A to 800A in 2P, 3P+N and 4P Versions.
  • Switch Disconnector available from 63A to 1600A.
  • Motor duty as well as Power Distribution Switches.
  • Suitable for applications up to 690V AC.
  • 3KL8 Switches suitable for high temperature applications till 60°C.
  • Isolable neutral as well as switched neutral pole.
  • Increased safety through IP20 Fuse Covers and terminal cover.
  • Suitable for Isolation as per IEC 60947.
  • Unique Positive OFF indication to indicate the true position of contacts.
  • Fuse monitoring provision via 3VU1340 fuse monitor.
  • Type 2 Coordinated combination available for the entire range.
  • Telescopic adjustable length shaft with rotary handle.


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