Failures are rare but, when they occur, the results may be catastrophically huge. Financial losses, serious injury, breakdowns, downtime… Accidents demonstrate that how equipment is operated affects its ability to perform safely. An analysis of customer complaints reveals that product failures are mainly caused by faulty operation, erroneous application, flawed selection and inadequate maintenance. The proficient use of electrical equipment is, therefore, of the utmost importance, apart from which it minimizes costs and maximizes productivity. This is where training comes into play. It enhances knowledge and the skill sets required to boost efficiency and effectiveness, which in turn impact an organizations profitability.

Considering this factor as a serious issue, Vedika embarked on its training odyssey by training industrial engineers and workmen on industrial switchgear products at a single location. In 2012, the first dedicated Switchgear Training was conducted at Bosch Limited in Jaipur for Three Days. It was supplemented by their Marvellous Feedback.

In addition to promoting good electrical engineering practices, Vedika provides an excellent platform for discussions on technical issues. To cater to the maximum number of industry peers, we adopt an unbiased, generic approach covering all brands of switchgear their selection, installation, safety, maintenance criteria, energy conservation techniques, etc. Our training methods encompass theory-based classroom sessions, video-based instructions, workshops, practical demonstrations, hands-on training for learning by doing , and more. The particular mode is selected to suit the target audiences level viz. maintenance, project, design.